AboutVegas Toolbox

Who is Vegas Toolbox for?

Vegas Toolbox is a group of diverse individuals of all genders and sexual orientations looking to grow their experience in leather education, BDSM relationships and positive sexploration through educational classes, social gatherings, parties and play!

We are an invitation-only group (see ‘How to become a Student Ambassador’) that wants to establish a community of learning. Our purpose is to create a safe environment for all persons to explore and learn about different kinks, fetishes and concepts in leather. The classes are geared towards building personal power, sparking curiosity about fetishes and kinks, gaining hands on experiences and creating a community with like-minded people.

We are friendly enough for the beginner as well as diverse enough for the practiced to learn more and ask questions. We are a small pond in the whole kinky garden, but a complete pond nonetheless. We are part of a growing Las Vegas BDSM community and we offer another way to celebrate the leather lifestyle. 

We are part of a three-tiered educational program that has it’s ties and bases with leather roots and traditions. To learn more about our educational program in other cities and tiers please visit. Leatherquest.org.