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If you are looking for a Student Ambassador

If you don’t know a current Vegas Toolbox Student Ambassador, there are a few ways you can meet us and get a Student Ambassador:

  1. Send us a message on Fetlife or Facebook and say that you are looking for a Student Ambassador. You could also email us at vegastoolbox@leatherquest.org
  2. Come to our post-class munch. The location may sometimes change to be sure to follow us on Facebook or Fetlife to know. Or, be part of our texting list to know up to the minute details!
  3. Hang out with us online! Be it our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/vegastoolbox) or our Discord Channel – https://discord.gg/u9BWmsBUsT
  4. Ask a current student! You never know which one of your friends is a student ambassador and can help you out. So if you know someone that goes, ask if they can help you get into class.