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Is it safe for me? 

Vegas Toolbox Safe For Me
  1. The Las Vegas Toolbox takes consent violations seriously. Consent violations consist of things being done/said/cohorsed against a person’s will. Please tell someone from the admin team if you have experienced this. 
  2. The Las Vegas Toolbox takes precautions to ensure the safety of it’s students. This could include asking potentially harmful or dangerous students to not partake in class, to reserving the right to run a basic background check on individuals to ensure they are not on the sex offender registry. 
  3. Vegas Toolbox will never ask you to purchase, sign up, or give us information without your consent. We are concerned about the privacy of our students. Please read the privacy rules for more information. 

Vegas Toolbox does NOT tolerate discrimination of other students based on their sexual preference, gender, race or ethnicity. This is an LGBTQ and allies group and we ask that individuals attending attend with kindness and respect for their fellow human beings. We all work together to create a safe space through education, being open minded and communication. Please refer to our Vegas Toolbox Rules for more details.