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What is The Las Vegas Toolbox?

The Las Vegas Toolbox

If you’re going to build a house you need some basic tools to build it. It’s the same with building your BDSM, kink and fetish interests – you’ll need to know what tools you can play with. The Vegas Toolbox follows a tradition of leather education to provide leather, kinky and BDSM individuals with the tools they need to play with others, build community, and be the best versions of themselves. Fill your toolbox by coming to hang out with us at munches, meet up with your friends in a class, or practice your skills at a play party.

What is The Las Vegas Toolbox?
Vegas Toolbox is a group for diverse individuals of all genders and sexual orientations looking to grow their experience in leather education, BDSM relationships and positive sexploration through educational classes, social gatherings, parties and play!
Our purpose is to create a safe environment for all persons to explore and learn about different kinks, fetishes and concepts in leather. The classes are geared towards building personal power, sparking curiosity about fetishes and kinks, gaining hands on experiences and creating a community with like-minded people.

When is Vegas Toolbox?
The 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

Who is the Vegas Toolbox for?
*We welcome people who’s BDSM practice is occasional, situational, or 24/7.
*Those who are interested in learning skills, getting historical background information and building community with like-minded people.
*At the Vegas Toolbox we support those interested in SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual)
*We welcome novices, experts, everything in between, and people of all ages above 18.
Vegas Toolbox is for anyone over the age of 18 that is interested in, BDSM, leather, kink and fetishes. If they are wanting to explore what the world is about but they are afraid, this will be a safe environment for them to learn, ask questions and practice. This is also a place for anyone that wants help create a family that holds leather principles in high regards.

** For the safety and protection of our students, we ask that you please be referred by a Student Ambassador to attend classes. How do you get a Student Ambassador to give you the greenlight for class?
Hang out with us on Facebook or FetlifeSLACK. Get to know us so we can get to know you as well! **

The Vegas Toolbox is NOT…
*The Vegas Toolbox does NOT welcome attendees who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs!
*The Vegas Toolbox does NOT endorse the use of alcohol or drugs in BDSM play.
*The Vegas Toolbox is NOT a “hook up” joint.
*Professional Dom/Dominatrix services are NOT available at The Vegas Toolbox.

We at The Vegas Toolbox believe in a code of ethics…
*Attend The Vegas Toolbox with an open mind.
*Treat others with the same respect that you would like to be treated with.
*Be courteous and respectful of your presenters.
*If you fuck up, take responsibility and own up.
*What happens at The Vegas Toolbox stays at The Vegas Toolbox. Protect the privacy of all those who attend.

Please visit our Fetlife Group group or our Facebook Page to attend classes and join in on the fun!

The Vegas Toolbox happily supports all of the groups within the Las Vegas kink and fetish communities.