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Student Ambassador

How do I become a Student Ambassador?

In the old days of leather one needed to be vetted first. That included coming around the bar/venue/event for several times so that the leatherman and kinky folks began to trust you. Once a person began to interact with the men in the bars and proved they weren’t a cop, they would be introduced to more and more dirty secrets. If a male wanted to learn more about a kink he would have to prove himself not a cop by coming around the bar several times and engaging in kinky sex. Once a person proved themselves, they could be taken under the wing of a leatherman and would be proven trustworthy enough to learn from a leatherman. He would be vetted as someone that could be trusted to be part of the community and would prove that he would be there to help his brothers. These acts would be part of a process called vetting.


At Las Vegas Toolbox we follow a similar leather tradition of vetting in the form of having established students. To become an established student for the Las Vegas Toolbox there are a few steps.

  1.       Show Up! 

Attend at least 5 classes, in which 3 of the classes must be continuous.

  1.     Be Willing! 

Show willingness to grow the Toolbox community by following the rules and demonstrating a willingness to follow the protocol. 

  1.       Volunteer! We could always use help with:
  • Set Up the room and/or putting it back together at the end of class
  • Volunteering at local community parties and events
  • Setting up snacks for the breaks
  • Helping Presenters set up or clean up their things
  • Helping presenters get to class**(See admin team about this responsibility)
  • Any other skills you would like to offer to help grow the community 
  1.       Show Off! 
  • Show off a skill that you’ve learned from attending Vegas Toolbox.
  1.     Ask! 
  •  The most important way to be part of the community is just to ask…