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#StayHome Nevada
Hello family,
“The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them”.
These are tough times we are facing in this point of our journeys, but if I’ve learned anything in life, it is this, “The only thing in life that is consistent is change”. We don’t know when we will be able to be in each other’s presence again to hug, kiss or physically comfort. We are not sure when we will come back together and share an embrace of love and connection with one another. We are also not sure when we will be able to hear the collective joys and sighs of the trials and triumphs of our brothers and sisters in Leather. This is all a matter of physically when, because connection is still possible. For many of us, while the world has been forever changed by the seriousness and threat to our civilization known as COVID-19, our spirit cries out for the connection and acknowledgement of/from our family and friends. The answers are still unclear on how to proceed in this new reality, but I am inspired that together we will find a way through these dark times. Hungry and driven for more love, more compassion and a lust for life, we will find a way to adapt and evolve; using these times of troubles as ways to build connection and empathy with one another. There is no certain way of knowing how long physical distancing will be in place, but remember that physically distant does not equate to being cut off or disconnected. As always, we work together to create a safe community – this applies inside the classroom and outside. Please do your part in taking care of yourselves (follow CDC recommendations, stay home, etc.), check in on your neighbors (from a distance) because a call/text/meme can go a long way and DO REACH OUT to one another when you find yourself in need of anything – from food to a reminder that you do exist. Continue to show compassion for those who are struggling with all aspects – emotionally, physically and spiritually. While the touch of computer keys are a lackluster replacement for the touch of your fellow kinkster, it is a place to start as we move together, creating and forging joy into this new world the best that we can. Though the way we use to experience these human interactions has changed, we will continue on as a community…no, a family, to keep in each others minds, hearts and lives as we are all in this together. No one gets left behind.


All this to say the following:
Please note: The next few classes are closed classes (only current Toolbox Students) as we tighten our vetting and check-in process. Creating a safe (and privacy protected) environment for our students is still our priority. We will still be doing check-ins for students before allowing them into class. One extra step we ask of you for the safety of everyone. As with everything we do with life and our play, some risk is involved. We cannot guarantee the privacy of everyone posting – but we are finding ways to mitigate risks, including building a safe and vetted community.


Wait…did you say fundraisers, events, munches or socials?
Why yes, yes we did. Thank you for asking. We have our classes for sure, but we now have found more opportunities to hang out with each other! Everything from upcoming naughty or nice movie nights, check-in munches, game tournaments to Cirque Shows and Museum Tours. There may even be an upcoming contest for the ultimate glory of bragging rights…and perhaps some gift cards or adult beverages. When is this happening? Keep an eye on the page and more details on our Slack and Fetlife.
I personally thank you for your patience as we monitored the current affairs and moved forward with the items that would best keep us connected.

Below are more resources that we will keep growing to help you through these difficult times. More now than ever, being kind to yourselves and one another, doing your part in not risking exposure or spreading a possibility and providing support for one another to the best of our ability, will be some of the main tools we will need to continue to grow. While some may be isolated, together we are never alone. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Remember that singing in the shower is fun until you get soap into your mouth. Then it becomes a soap opera. Also keep in mind that your dog cannot operate a MRI machine, but catscan.
In Leather
Headmaster Domo

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