Contributing to Growing Vegas Toolbox

Vegas Toolbox is going a year strong and we are growing! More people means more hands on deck to help grow the Leather, BDSM and kink community. Outside of the classroom we are always open to volunteers. There are more volunteers that help run things behind the scenes (Prefect, Sergeant Major, Student Adviser and Scheduler) and Vegas Toolbox is very thankful for their time and energy!

Transportation ScrewDriver (OPEN): Sometimes when our presenters come into town, they need assistance with getting around the city. Our presenters are great people who donate their idea, heart, passion and time to come and visit us. We do our best to make their teaching experience as pleasurable as possible. Offering a ride to/from the airport or other local location is a perk we strive for. Being part of the transportation for the presenter also give you personal 101 time with the presenter! This position is an as need basis.

Food Wrench (filled): If you’re running right out of work to make it to class on-time, we know that you might not get the proper time to nourish your body. We provide snacks (yes, sometimes cookies). This person helps keep our snack supply going so that students can be present for class without the threat of “Hangry”.

Head Girl/Head Boy (filled): This person helps keep the ship running. From assigning a muster officer (sometimes being the muster), getting the right demo bottoms to the right presenters, to ensuring our presenters are taken care of during class.

Facilities Lead (filled): This individual is responsible for ensuring the space gets set up and cleaned up each class. This is where we need most of our volunteers as it takes several people to help with the space looking better than how we came into it.

Mistress of Kinky Communications (filled): All the kinky online holes we can fill, this person puts things into all of them. Primarily works with Fetlife to keep people up-to-date with the class schedule and form threads.

Lord of the the Interwebs (filled): For all spaces that are not a primary BDSM focus, this individual helps our outreach to the rest of the interwebs. Places such as Facebook, Instagram and the LGBT calendar. We want to grow the family for everyone and this person helps others find us.

The FUN raiser of Toolbox Shenanigans (COMING SOON): This person assists with planning for fundraisers. Can serve as the main point of contact when organizing the main fundraisers.
The FUN raiser of Toolbox Tom Foolery (COMING SOON): This person assists with the planning of the Toolshed parties.