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Vegas Toolbox: Cultural Influences in Interracial Authority Transfer by Devyn Stone and Property 840 7/23

Vegas Toolbox Class on Cultural Influences presented by Devyn Stone

Presented by Devyn Stone and Property 840
From the perspective of a White, transgender male Dominant and His Asian, non-binary property. We will examine Authority Transfer dynamics through an Eastern and Western lens, discuss how we meld the two cultures together, and offer an unique perspective on Western ideas of a “powerful slave” and “identity surrender.”

Presenter Bios:
Devyn Stone’s Bio:
Devyn Stone A.K.A. SirHorror (He/Him) is a transgender dominant leatherman. He is a mental health and LGBTQ+ advocate and BDSM educator. He has written several books and looks forward to writing more. His passions include; protocol, authority transfer, organization, gender and negotiation. Devyn has actively practiced nonmonogamy and authority transfer since 2004. Today he lives in Dallas, Texas, with his property840 that is unquestionably devoted to his will and serves as his useful object.

property 840 (it/its) is an asexual, transgender, nonbinary, slave who has practiced authority transfer since 2004. By day, property 840 is a mental health professional who specializes in trauma, gender identity, HIV, and substance misuse. By night, property 840 is nothing but a tool to be used by its Master. A slut for degradation and humiliation beyond limits. His devoted puppet. it is passionate about increasing accessibility and reducing stigma for LGBTQ+ and kink communities in the mental health industry through education, consultation, and advocacy.


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