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May 27 – But, But, But…I Wanna Play Too! by a little

Vegas Toolbox presents Consent and Negotiations by a little

Negotiation and consent from a different view.  This class is taught by a little and from a little/bottoms perspective. Together we will explore consent and how we get/give it, how to make negotiations a part of our conversations and how do we practice negotiations to have fun, get what we need and want in a scene and stay safe while we play.

This class is open only to students of Vegas Toolbox, who have either attended in person classes or a Vegas Toolbox remote orientation.

How can I attend this class? 

  • You must have attended an Vegas Toolbox orientation (online or in person).
  • If you’ve never been to a Vegas Toolbox orientation, you will need to register (attend an orientation) for classes.

Been to a Vegas Toolbox Class? 

  • You will get the class login information the Wednesday before class as long as you have filled out the registration form.
  • Please remember, only students who have been to an orientation can attend class.
  • Click Here to RSVP to attend in person.

Class Rules

  • Classes are not recorded (audio/visual/screenshots) for any reason
  • We are a “camera on at all times” policy
  • Only vetted students may attend class (see above about orientation)
  • Please stay on mute during class unless directed otherwise
  • Please observe all class protocols



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Presenter Bio: Little Miss Meyla, she/her, has been in the Las Vegas Kink community for over 7 years.  She is the founder and leader of the Las Vegas Little Scouts, a graduating member of Journey 2018 and a graduating member of the inaugural Leather Quest class of Las Vegas, Class Maelstrom.  On her journey to discover her leather self, she developed a passion for teaching others – especially those new to all things kinky, Leather and fun.  Meyla identifies as a Leather Little and is a fierce advocate for positive change in the negative views the kink community may hold of Littles She also works to help provide a safe and inclusive community for all through education, advocacy, and friendship.  She enjoys working with many other groups and individuals; showing just how much of a good girl she – and other littles – can be.