Past Events

Vegas Toolbox Holiday Party – Dec. 24th at 7PM (PST)

We welcome everyone to dress cozy, bring your hot cocoa, bring your Christmas stockings and anything else you want to snuggle up with as you spend the evening with family and friends.

Please remember this is 18+ as not all conversation will be appropriate for children.

The main party will be on Discord where you can video chat, play games, listen to music and more. If you want to watch movies, the best viewing will be in the Kast Theater Room. No worries, like any party, come to the main house and we’ll show you where the special theater room is.

  • Start Here: Log in anytime after 7PM (PST) on Discord on December 24th 
    • At 12.24.2020 at 7PM PST you will see a “channel” named HOLIDAY PARTY that will appear. Click on the link/channel and have a jolly time exploring the rooms.
    • If you log in before 7PM (PST) on December 24th, you will not see the HOLIDAY PARTY link available. Discord will house the music, games, video & voice chat and the movie link.
  • Dress code: Whatever you are comfortable in
  • Cost: Donations welcomed, but not required
  • Items to bring: Whatever is comfortable to wear, stuffies, headphones if needed,
  • Age: 18+ for Discord. We would recommend 18+ in the theater as well or non-reading age kids as the theater is text/chat only.
  • Who: You! Toolbox friends and family. Not everyone has been to a class, but everyone is over 18+ and knows what the Vegas Toolbox kinky community is about.
  • Why: COVID has us sheltering in place and for some of us alone in our homes. Alone at home doesn’t mean we need to be alone for the holidays. We open the Discord rooms and Vegas Kast Theater for all Family and friends to share in laughter, joy and the spirit of togetherness …. from the comfort of your bedroom. Log into the Discord after 7PM or to share the holidays with family near and far that mean so much to us in our lives.


*Log In Here:
New to Kast? Kast shares the same movie with everyone and allows for text chat. No video chat for this theater, please. Bring your own movie snacks.Theater Showings begin at 7PM (PST): 
Prep & Landing
Jingle Jangle
Dr. Seuss – How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Nightmare before Christmas