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May 13 – Sex Magic 101 with Ashton

Vegas Toolbox Class Sex Magic 101

Join sex educator, writer and witch Ashton in exploring how to incorporate magical practices and spiritual tools to enhance your self pleasure. This workshop will review how to create sex altars, introduce divination to fulfill sexual fantasies and assist participants in creating spiritual tools during sex.

This class is open only to students of Vegas Toolbox, who have either attended in person classes or a Vegas Toolbox remote orientation.

How can I attend this class? 

  • You must have attended an Vegas Toolbox orientation (online or in person).
  • If you’ve never been to a Vegas Toolbox orientation, you will need to register (attend an orientation) for classes.
    • Our Next Orientation is June 8th. Please email vegastoolbox to RSVP.

Been to a Vegas Toolbox Class? 

  • You will get the class login information the Wednesday before class as long as you have filled out the registration form.
  • Please remember, only students who have been to an orientation can attend class.

Class Rules

  • Classes are not recorded (audio/visual/screenshots) for any reason
  • We are a “camera on at all times” policy
  • Only vetted students may attend class (see above about orientation)
  • Please stay on mute during class unless directed otherwise
  • Please observe all class protocols



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