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Vegas Toolbox: Food Play – Forget what your parents told you 1/24

Vegas Toolbox Food Play class

This class will be taught by Valora. They enjoy topping, bottoming and educating for food play. They grew up being told never to play with their food but they love being naughty and defiant. Their belief is that food connects us in many ways; we need food to live and we need connections to flourish. They’re specifically in to food play that is more on the fun side and less on the humiliation side.They encourage people to talk about what foods they love and share in those experiences with them. They have been known to become a human ice cream sundae and has dabbled in topping with food by giving pudding foot massages and crawling for donut holes.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, this is a “must see” class. There will be a lot of demos and hands on participation if you enjoy playing with your food too.