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Vegas Toolbox: I Would Walk 500 Miles Copy

Vegas Toolbox - I Would Walk 500 Miles

While there are plenty of service oriented folks out there who desire to serve invisibly and get embarrassed when given compliments on it, at least some of us have to admit that we experience some amount of joy in hearing the one we serve brag about our service (or witnessing him/her be complimented on it by others). In this workshop, slave Jazz asks the question: why stop at adequate when sometimes the TINIEST extra effort will bring you to extraordinary? Having served in both long distance and long-term live-in relationships, slave Jazz will introduce a variety of ideas as to how to raise the service bar in all different types of dynamics, how to make the one you serve feel as special as you think s/he is, and how to shift your mindset to help you creatively come up with such enhanced service yourself.